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The Basics:


Steel Shot Blasting

This process is one of the more preferred methods of surface preparation using mechanical means. Blastrac and Blastpro shot blast machines are designed to simultaneously clean and profile the concrete surface known as Concrete Surface Profile or CSP. A Steel shot blaster is designed not only to clean and profile the concrete surface but can remove thin film coatings, concrete laitance (soft concrete/scaling) and additional surface contamination that my interfere with the bonding of a particular specified coating system.

The way a Steel Shot Blaster works is by throwing various size steel shot at high velocity on to the concrete/metal surface, then once the shot makes impact with the surface it bounces back up through a retrieval shoot where it then recirculates. During this process the shot is separated from the concrete dust, which is pulled into a powerful vacuum system through a series of dust collection filters.

This method of surface preparation is economical, almost dust free, dry (no water needed) and offers high production capabilities. Steel shot blast machines are the equipment of choice for surface preparation on parking decks, breweries, large industrial or manufacturing plants, aviation hangers, major food and beverage plants or any concrete surface requiring high speed surface preparation and profiling.




Diamond Grinding

This surface preparation process uses commercial grade diamonds which are mounted onto the bottom of large powerful machines called Diamatic 780 pro grinders. A Diamatic 780 pro floor grinder is designed to leave a very smooth concrete profile by removing minor divots, roughness and pits in the surface or a thick coating. Once professionally ground, the concrete surface profile is ideal for thin film coating applications, sealers, stains, densifier and further polishing. Tooling can be changed depending on the surface or coating that needs to be removed or ground smooth. The bigger machines have large powerful dust collectors attached and are quiet successful in keeping dust at a minimum. While not as fast as Steel Shot Blasting, they do perform many necessary functions in the surface preparation process.

Concrete Floor Grinding Advantages!

  • Help level and smooth the concrete surfaces
  • Eliminates small divots, and imperfections from concrete surfaces
  • Ideal for grinding over repaired joints and cracks to smooth surface
  • Levels doorways and main warehouse entrances
  • Leaves perfect profile for thin film coatings, sealers, stains & decorative floor coatings



Concrete Floor Polishing

This is a mechanical grind and polish procedure that uses a combination of various sized industrial diamonds along with penetrating concrete hardeners, & sealers. It is designed to level, densify, polish and then seal the floor within the matrix of the concretes interior.

It’s only been in the last several years that concrete floor densifying and polishing has evolved to such a high level in today’s industry. A significant feature and attribute of a professionally polished concrete floor is durability, longevity, limited amount of maintenance and cosmetic appeal. Today polished concrete floors are in high demand for Warehouse, Retail Facilities, Grocery Stores, Home Improvement, Restaurant & Food Processing Plants, Showroom Floors, Industrial Plants, Airports, and Government Buildings and even in Amusement & Theme Parks.

Polished Concrete Floor Advantages!

  • Densifiers harden the surface to protect against absorption of oil, water & other liquids.
  • Unlike a coating will not lift peal or flake from the surface
  • Much harder and tougher than resin floor finishes
  • Vapor pressure and hydrostatic pressure not an issue like with some coatings
  • Usually meets OSHA requirements for static coefficient of friction of 0.5
  • No down time for product cure
  • More abrasive resistant than unfinished concrete surfaces
  • Helps resists “Hot Tire Marks” and black marks from forklifts & other heavy vehicles
  • Single application, far less maintenance than other floor finishes
  • Much longer life expectancy than other floor finishes
  • Less wear & tear on floor sweepers, scrubbers and other cleaning equipment
  • Totally eliminates concrete dusting

Concrete Scarification

This is a process by which the concrete surface is actually milled down. The equipment uses steel or carbide star shaped cutters mounted in rows around the perimeter of a rotating drum. The special cutters come in a number of sizes and variations for different removal applications.

While concrete scarifying or milling machines are most commonly used in the road construction industry, they still play a major roll for specialty coating contractors and those companies specializing in surface preparation. They can be essential when there is a need to grind down high spots in the concrete surface, grooving the surface or removing old stubborn and hard protective coatings, especially if it is a thick coating application.

Concrete Scarification Advantages & Disadvantages!

Cons – Process leaves a very aggressive profile
Cons – Aggressive profile needs to be overlaid at some point
Cons – Surface preparation procedure more costly per square foot
Cons – Surface preparation procedure less productivity per hour
Pros – Is capable of removing very thick, hard coatings
Pros – Perfect for leveling out uneven sections of a concrete floor
Pros – Ideal for removing 1/8 to 2 inches of concrete surface

It should be noted that while concrete scarifying or milling is not considered the most popular form of surface preparation techniques, it none the less has its place in the overall concrete surface preparation process.

Concrete Floor Scrapers

This particular piece of equipment is invaluable when it comes to removing VCT (Vinyl Composite Material) Carpet or ACM (Asbestos Composite Material). This new revolutionary system sufficiently reduces the cost of a difficult, labor intense and time consuming flooring removal. This equipment can be powered by Diesel, Electric, Propane or Hybrid which uses Battery Power. Each type of equipment offers its own distinct advantage. When it comes to size there are several options, smaller hand operated machines are designed or very small projects however ride on units are specifically developed for high end production. Using multiples of 4” X 10” blades these ride on units can easily remove flooring in the 1,000’s of square feet per hour. Also available are blades specifically developed for Carpet Removal, VCT Tile Removal, Mastic Removal and more.


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